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 Ending Sequence too difficult?

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Chris S

Messages : 2
Date d'inscription : 2013-05-17

PostSubject: Ending Sequence too difficult?   Fri 17 May - 17:56


Being a palladin it seems it is too difficult to pass the last sequences:

1. Enter chapel then choose the right answers to riddle then:

- has to be lucky (41%) to pass the knights gathering

2. Fight the 2 demons hoping maintaining high hp
3. Fight swarms of skeletons hoping not to get hurt too much
4. Throw the spear to the King
5. Fight against the King after consuming 2 stamina pots and 1 Greater Stamina.

It is still require lots of luck, it is no longer exciting after the 60ish time to skip texts from chapel (to get the scroll), pass the queen (riddle), then pass the grates, then tried to pass the knights.

it is just felt very tiresome and not exciting at all and really requires much luck. If you can save just before the last fight or at least before the 2 demons it would make it much more rewarding.

Or am i missing something? help is appreciated.
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Sir Knight

Sir Knight

Messages : 77
Date d'inscription : 2010-11-18

PostSubject: Re: Ending Sequence too difficult?   Wed 22 May - 18:56

Good day,

The game in general was changed from the print version to make it last longer: the original had you choosing among all those different challenges, but here you are compelled to face them in sequence. Thus, yes, the end is very hard.

However, you have up to seven different options for what to do when you face the Lich-Lord: throwing the spear is only one of them. As the game says, he will not be defeated the same way twice. Thus, technically, you can use the potions earlier (to ensure you survive the fights) and then choose wisely at the end to get through more easily.

If you choose poorly, well, then I hope you'll at least find your death sequence to be amusing!

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Messages : 1
Date d'inscription : 2013-07-07

PostSubject: Re: Ending Sequence too difficult?   Sun 7 Jul - 21:10

I'd like to second the bit about the ending being too difficult - specifically that 41% luck roll which leads to INSTANT DEATH.  It wouldn't be so bad, except that the game engine is designed to not let you skip past text until after it's SLOWLY faded onto the screen, so instead of being able to tap-tap-tap-tap from the saved game, it's tap ... tap ... tap ... tap ... about twenty times ... and then getting a 59% chance of the game ending anyway.  

Seriously.  Having a luck roll that ends in instant death is a pretty questionable design choice in the best of times.  Placing one right before the climax doesn't make the game more challenging - it just makes your players want to tear their hair out.  It took me about 45 minutes of tapping, bored, just to try to get to the end.  Even though I'd been enjoying the game QUITE a lot before that pont!

Two other, much more minor, criticisms:

When I tried to use the Charm of Disruption, the game text said something like we should have known it wouldn't work because the Lady told us it's a counterspell.  But when I replayed the chapel scene, she says nothing of the sort.

Additionally, Chris S (above) may have had the same confusion that I did, where he thought we only had those first three choices against the Lich Lord ... because those three choices are the only ones showing at the bottom of the screen.  Only upon my 3rd or 4th try did it occur to me to see if I could scroll through the choices ... and was surprised to find that I could.  Surprised, because there was nothing to indicate more choices!  Perhaps an arrow on the side pointing downward, or a scroll bar, or fading the last currently-visible choice from the middle of its letters downward?  Anything to indicate to the reader HEY, MORE OPTIONS BELOW!  (Now I wonder how many other options I missed throughout the rest of the game.)

And the thing is, I'd like to take advantage of replayability to see what ALL those different ending options give, now that I know they're there.  But with a 59% random chance of total failure before even getting to it?  I just can't.  Based on how many times I failed at that luck roll, it'd take me another three hours of just trying to get past those guards.

Don't get me wrong, I did largely enjoy the game, enough so that I'm contemplating a run with the other character as well.  But I did see a couple of places for improvement, and hope the above feedback might be useful to fix things in updates, or in future game design.
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Sir Knight

Sir Knight

Messages : 77
Date d'inscription : 2010-11-18

PostSubject: Re: Ending Sequence too difficult?   Fri 12 Jul - 16:16

Hello, and thanks for posting. Sorry that your message was buried in the spam and I didn't see it until now.

The scrollbar issue is one that's been known for a long time, starting way back when we first began making these games. And, unfortunately, the situation is unchanged. Scrollable menus like this seem to come from "default" coding provided by Apple, and there's very little the programmer can do: you see the little scrollbar that appears once you've STARTED scrolling, right? If you've played similar games, you might recognize this visual as a constant in iOS programming.

So that's frustrating, I know. As to the warning about the "counterspell" . . . well, I just replayed that scene, and I'm dismayed to see the problem. Obviously, the original book explained how the counterspell worked in detail, otherwise things wouldn't work this way in the iOS game. As I've said in other threads, we don't have anyone working on the content of these iOS games right now, unfortunately. I'm sorry that we didn't catch this back at release.

If you did enjoy the game in general, then great! We're particularly proud of the visuals and music, which we hope stand on their own merits.

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PostSubject: Re: Ending Sequence too difficult?   

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Ending Sequence too difficult?
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