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 How to store shards in Fabled Lands 2?

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Chris S

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Date d'inscription : 2013-05-17

PostSubject: How to store shards in Fabled Lands 2?   Fri 17 May - 17:50

Hello, I am using iPad, and when I tried to store shards in town house:

- I cannot swipe the slider in anyway. Hence I cannot store any shards

Any help would be appreciated.

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Sir Knight


Messages : 77
Date d'inscription : 2010-11-18

PostSubject: Re: How to store shards in Fabled Lands 2?   Wed 22 May - 18:02

Sorry to be so slow to respond to a bug. I'm checking this out now . . .

Ugh, that's not even how the slider is supposed to display! It must have changed due to iOS upgrades. Unfortunately, a lot of programming for iOS games is dependent on Apple's own rules, and if we want "a slider" then it has to follow the standard template for "a slider." When they change the rules, they can break everything dependent on that code unless a programmer goes in and checks compatibility.

Something's broken, and, unfortunately, we don't have anybody updating the game code right now. I'm very sorry to bring bad news, but I fear Shard storage just won't work anymore. You'd be better off converting Shards into items and storing those.

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How to store shards in Fabled Lands 2?
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