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 FABLED LANDS II HD in-app purchase and FABLED LANDS HD 1+2 COMPILATION PACK are available!

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FABLED LANDS II HD in-app purchase and FABLED LANDS HD 1+2 COMPILATION PACK are available! Empty
PostSubject: FABLED LANDS II HD in-app purchase and FABLED LANDS HD 1+2 COMPILATION PACK are available!   FABLED LANDS II HD in-app purchase and FABLED LANDS HD 1+2 COMPILATION PACK are available! EmptyMon 20 Jun - 9:35

Free update 2.1 to Fabled Lands HD is now live, and from there you can use in-app purchase to access this new expansion!

The Gold Edition pack is also available!

Screenshots available there :

In Cities of Gold and Glory you can sail the high seas to Golnir's distant ports.
As a warrior, plunder ancient treasures and face your fate with the legions of darkness in the hall of the
death-god Nagil.
As a spy, penetrate the labyrinth of lies and sinister secrets of the scheming merchants of Metriciens.
As a sorcerer, barter in mysteries, spells and ancient lore with the immortal wizard Estragon.
Amass wealth, honours and power that will take you on voyages to uncharted lands.

*** Important notice ***

- if you already own Fabled Lands HD, you will be able to purchase the expansion for 6.99 USD by clicking on an in app purchase button in v2.1 of fabled lands hd. You will be able to keep an existing fl1 character or savegame

- if you are a new customer, you can still do the same (buy fl1 for 6.99 USD and then do a 6.99 USD in app purchase if you want the expansion) OR we just have released a gold edition priced 13.98 USD that includes fl1 and fl2 in the same app, both already unlocked. But for new players and characters only.


With this 2.1 version, you can now purchase (using a new in-app purchase button inside this app) and unlock the major 20-hour-long Fabled Lands II HD expansion, allowing you to travel freely to Golnir in the West. You can use any existing savegame or create a new character in either land, and passback and forth between Golnir and Sokara when needed.

Other changes in this update:

- Fixed a load game issue
- Fixed the Moonstone item
- Fixed some random events

Also, please note that you will maybe experience a rare bug when using the 'back to title screen button' (a loop in the screens or a freeze of buttons) with this version - just kill your FL app (double clicking your home button on your ipad and selecting the minus symbol) and restart the game, it should be fine. We will try correct this rare bug in v2.2. Other than that, the expansion and in-app purchase system works correctly, no worries.

Patch notes - upcoming version (upcoming 1.1 for the gold edition = 2.2 for Fabled Lands HD)

Submitted to Apple on June, 19th

Fixed the following:

- savegame bug
- freeze on the title screen for some customers with too many apps running at the same time
- 4 leafed clover trade to the Trau
- repetitive stealing of the Baroness's vault
- a missing pic in Castle Orlock
- the feathered cloak
- the witch's hand
- a missing list of choices in Teshin's tavern
- a missing pic in the temple of the 3 fortunes
- pirates encounters
- wheatfields housing
- wereboar fight
- you no longer need a parchment to initiate the mapmaking quest of the mountains
- restored the right version of the Yellowport market

--- Golnir, a wealthy land steeped in curious folklore ---

This second app is set in the prosperous kingdom of Golnir, a land made wealthy by its rich agriculture. There are quests, including slaying a dragon for the Baroness Ravayne (the ruler of Golnir), searching for magical artefacts for the wizard Estragon, bringing to justice a murderer on behalf of his victim's ghost, finding the Key of Stars to gain access to a treasure-filled tomb in the Forest of the Forsaken, and making a map of the treacherous northern mountains. The quests in the second book have a more whimsical fairy-tale nature to them than those in the first FABLED LANDS HD app. This gives Golnir a very strong Merrie England atmosphere.

--- A note from the original authors ---

"We are delighted to see the release of a new instalment in the FABLED LANDS iOS app series by Megara Entertainment. The first part brought our world to life in glorious colour and rich atmosphere, allowing a new generation to immerse themselves in the huge range of adventures that are available in the FABLED LANDS. Now players can continue those adventures in a whole new kingdom with its own folklore, characters, history, politics and places of danger and mystery".

Dave Morris & Jamie Thomson
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FABLED LANDS II HD in-app purchase and FABLED LANDS HD 1+2 COMPILATION PACK are available!
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