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 Can't save game at all

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Can't save game at all Empty
PostSubject: Can't save game at all   Can't save game at all EmptyFri 30 Jan - 1:31

I can't save this game! Whenever I press rest and save at the taverns or at the monastery, the game closes and I can't find anything saved under loaded games either. Please help!

Also, how do people make shards in the game?
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Sir Knight

Sir Knight

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Can't save game at all Empty
PostSubject: Re: Can't save game at all   Can't save game at all EmptySun 15 Feb - 3:55

Hello, and I'm sorry for the frustration.  I'm checking the save problem right now, and it looks like it's not happening on my older iPad.  It must be a compatibility issue with the newer versions of the operating system that came afterward.

Unfortunately, as you may have seen if you checked the other threads, every single change from Apple means every single game developer needs to check code again, and there's no one updating the Fabled Lands code anymore.  There are other problems such as being unable to store Shards in a cache.  I am very sorry to say that your version may be stuck.

As to making Shards in the first place, well, that's a different sort of question!  If you're okay with playing in these circumstances, then finding good quests and loot is a fundamental part of the game.  Talk to everyone, learn what quests work for what characters, maybe try some gambling, maybe take up sea trade if you get enough money to afford a ship, and so on.

Can't save game at all Sir_knight_s
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Can't save game at all
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